Vertical Roller Mill OperationVertical roller mill has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, large drying capacity , product fineness easy to adjust , easy no dust pollution and maintenance, reliable operation . Especially in large grinding process, to fully meet customer needs. Widely used in metallurgy, electric power , cement , chemicals , ceramics, non-metallic minerals , plant desulfurization , slag grinding mass of materials , slag , slag , coal, cement clinker , glass, quartz , limestone and other industries and ultrafine powder grinding .

Vertical roller mill producted by SBM mainly include : vertical roller mill that used in metallurgy , electric power, coal preparation of the cement industry ; vertical milling machine that applicable to non-metallic mineral grinding ; vertical roller mill that suitable for industrial flue gas desulphurization and waste utilization ultrafine type vertical milling machine; vertical milling machine that suitable for the production of cement.

Vertical roller mill operation

Since the vertical roller mill tensioning device is packing system, oil tanks are not automatically inferior vena flow, after all the mill shut down or in the repair process, for the framework to enhance or decrease the pressure required to do the following:

  • 1. upgrade (manual) manually convert two four-way manual valve to the working position, close the valve. Manually start the pump motor, the pressure rises, the oil feed to the next cylinder bore, which raised the pressure is equal to the frame stuck or when the pressure rises to a terminal position, relief protective effect.
  • 2. the pressure is equal to rely on manual valve to the working position, close the valve, the pressure drop frame without starting the pump motor only slowly open the throttle, the pressure slowly drop weight frame that is reliable, the rate of decline is by throttle adjustment.

Vertical Roller Mill's Central Control System

Central Control System

Central control system of vertical roller mill consists of the industrial computer, displayer, printer, industrial control unit, etc.

The central control system enables the main parameters to be controlled accurately, achieving the coordination of the mill and other devices, high reproducibility of the same particle fineness and high production stability of the entrre mill system.

The central control syste is capable of monitoring the operating conditions of the mill system, such as the mill vibration, grinding roller pressure, oil temperature, and mill temperature. Protection setting can avoid personnel caused damage to the service life of the vertical roller mill.

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