The History Of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is the most ideal and continuous conveying equipment in coal mine. Compared to other transportation equipment (such as a locomotive class), the belt conveyor has the advantages of long transmission distance, large capacity, continuous conveying, reliable operation, and it is easy to realize automation and centralized control, especially for high yield and high efficiency coal mine. The belt conveyor has become the key equipment in coal mining electromechanical integration technology and equipment.

The History Of Belt Conveyor

In the late of 1950s, the belt conveyor with long distance, large capacity and high speed, mainly used steel core belt conveyor and the wire rope traction belt conveyor. In the early of 1980s, China's belt conveyor industry could only produce TD75 type belt conveyor, thus the supporting the cotton canvas belt conveyor could meet the requirements. But at that time, the belt conveyor products of the national key project were imported from abroad.

In the middle of 1980s, belt conveyor industry in China started to introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment. The design and manufacturing standards had improved, and gradually to replace imported products. In recent years, China's belt conveyor in general has reached the international advanced level. In addition to meet the domestic demand of project construction, it has been exported to other countries. The design and manufacturing capabilities, product performance and quality of products are recognized by the international market.

In the late of 1980s, China's belt conveyor of coal mine had made great progress, and had made gratifying achievements on the research of key technology for belt conveyor and the development of new products. Conveyor products continued to increase, from the shape of the SDJ, SJJ, STJ, DT series evolve to the multi-function special belt conveyor.

At present, the focus development products of belt conveyor includes the following series: long distance, large capacity, high speed belt conveyor belt; level and space curve overland belt conveyor; open-air mining transfer belt conveyor; large downward belt conveyor; self-moving tail extensible belt conveyor; pipe belt conveyor; large inclined upward belt conveyor; steel wire rope traction belt conveyor. The core technology of R & D includes the analysis and design of belt conveyor dynamic; intelligent controlled system development; development of new wear-resistant for material transfer point; steel structure optimization design technology; the belt conveyor system energy-saving technology; environmental technology; bulk material conveying system; the engineering design technology.

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