As a new type of mining machinery, sand making machine has been rapid development, in recent years has also made remarkable achievements, we can greatly reduce the technology gap with foreign sand making machine, with the continuous development of new technologies, we obtain the good results, achieved a market position in the foreign market.

Sand making machine the rapid development also contributed to the development and progress of related industries, it is economic infrastructure provides a good industrial conditions, as is known to all, the economic construction and the construction of infrastructure facilities is the main task of China, which requires the sand production line as a construction guarantee, in this economic environment, sand making machine has a good opportunities for development.

Because of the increasing demand for the sand making machine, the structural modification of the sand making machine in our country has attracted considerable attention, and the equipment manufacturers of the sand making machine have made a lot of research and development of more advanced equipment.

Today, the market needs a lot of artificial sand, sand making machine is an important requirement is low consumption, high output, strict control of market conditions, they put the focus of the work of the sand making machine in terms of energy saving and efficiency. We can ensure product quality, reduce energy consumption and higher product output, the equipment has met the requirements of the mining market.

Sand making machine design is to mining technology and advanced technology innovation based, mainly used for crushing limestone, gypsum and other brittle materials, the equipment has the advantages of simple structure, broken rate, low power consumption, uniform product size, high production efficiency is ideal for cement industry, mines and industry, coarse crushing equipment. The power consumption of the sand making machine is 1/3 of the traditional crusher, the noise of the equipment is 85dB, and the perfect design of the sand making machine can save space and reduce the cost. The series of products in the power plant, coal industry, mining, chemical industry and other related industries have a wide range of applications.

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