Jaw Crusher Maintenance

jaw crusher Overview

It is well known that jaw crusher is the most commonly used primary crushing equipment in crushing plants. In the operation process of jaw crusher, investors generally pay attention to the crushing efficiency, crushing ratio, and some other factors. In this article, we mainly introduce several factors in the maintenance of jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Maintenance

In order to make sure the high crushing efficiency, good shaped final products, low energy consumption and stable operation, we need to operate jaw crusher properly and maintain jaw crusher regularly. The maintenance of jaw crusher mainly contains lubrication, tightening, adjustment and cleanness of jaw crusher.


In the working process of jaw crusher, operators should lubricate the friction surfaces timely in order to ensure its long term stable running. So we should pay special attention to the lubrication of each lubrication parts. For the bearings of movable jaw and toggle plate in jaw crusher, we generally adopt grease lubrication. In the lubrication process, operators should make sure each contact surface get fully and evenly lubricated. Besides, the lubrication oil in antifriction bearing seat should between 50%-70% of its total volume. Practice shows that regularly lubrication of jaw crusher can effectively improve the service life of bearings and some other parts.


Other factor in the maintenance of jaw crusher is to make sure the tightness of each part. Operators should check the spare parts regularly. Once found loosen, operators should stop the jaw crusher and tight it.


In the working process of jaw crusher, operators should pay attention to the final products size. Once found the final products size gets bigger or there is some abnormal, operators should stop the crusher and adjust the discharge opening. Besides the discharge opening, operators should also pay attention to the adjustment of jaw plates, eccentric shaft and some other parts.

Besides the above mentioned factors, operators should also regularly clean the parts in jaw crusher in order to make sure the stable running.

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