Coal crushing and screening plant is used in Indonesia mining production line. Coal jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and the vibrating screen cooperate with each to form a whole coal mining line for the local industry application.

Indonesia Coal Crushing and Screening Plant

Indonesia Coal Crushing Plant

Coal crushers are sold under license from SBM in Indonesia. Coal hammer crushers have undergone various important improvements, whilst retaining the original concept of a machine which sizes run-of-mine coal and removes debris at the same time.

The ability of the crushers to continue operating reliably for decades has been the primary reason for its wide adoption in the international mining industry.

Coal hammer crushers and other impact crushers have played an important role in power generation, coal mining, cement production, chemical processing and other basic industries.

Coal flows through the feed opening directly into the path of the ring hammers. These hammers break the coal through impact and drive it against the crushing plate where further reduction occurs. Final sizing occurs by rolling compression of the ring hammers as coal passes over the screen plate. All reduction is performed in one pass.

High Sieving Rate Screening Machine from SBM

After the coal crushing line, the sieving stage will play great role. Coal materials are mined with other impurities. If you want the final end coal products, the sieving stage is necessary. SBM has produced the vibrating screen with high sieving rate for Indonesia coal mining production line.

Vibrating Screen for Sale Used in Indonesia Coal Production Line

In coal crushing plant, the vibrating screen from SBM is quality machine providing exceptional screen process performance for Indonesia customers in a wide range of applications. SBM coal vibrating screens offer a screening solution with a lower installed cost as well as the ability to better control the travel rate across the screen, resulting in improved screen efficiency.

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