Flotation Machine

Flotation Machine

At the end of nineteenth century, froth flotation started as an industrial processing method to be applied in mineral processing plant. Then, the flotation industry had obtained rapid development, and it had been 100 years of history. At present, the froth flotation method has become the most important way for choosing mineral raw materials in the world and flotation equipment is the most important equipment to achieve the flotation process. Flotation equipment can be divided into three categories, namely mechanical flotation machine, flotation column and separator type flotation equipment.

The first flotation machine was created in 1911 in USA Montana. In 1912, it had been popularized in Australia and America. During 1910 to 1915, the development of flotation machine belonged to the heyday. Since the middle of 1960s, flotation machine development of our country went through decades of development, and had made considerable progress. Specification and performance of flotation machine have basically reached the world advanced level, to meet the requirement of domestic ore flotation beneficiation plant.

Since the 60s to today, the new type flotation machine appears constantly. In the past thirty years, the priority of flotation machine development and research was mainly in the following aspects. Firstly, research the new leaf wheel - set subsystem, simplify the flotation machine structure and establish the ore pulp movement route to suitable for mineral choosing demand. Secondly, change the groove body structure and ore slurry circulation mode, to improve the flotation machine on the applicability of different particle size of minerals. Thirdly, the flotation tank is large-scale. At present, the mechanical type flotation machine (pneumatic mechanical stirring type and mechanical stirring type) is more popular, and using is widely. Among, the pneumatic mechanical stirring type flotation machine accounts for the majority. The following is mechanical stirring type flotation machine. The no stirring type flotation machine has a long history. In recent years, the no stirring type flotation machine is getting attention increasingly, but its development is relatively slow, and using is fewer.

The flotation machine type in China is manly the mechanical flotation machine. Among, the most widely used flotation machine is the inflatable mechanical agitation type flotation machine.

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