clay crusher machine

Clay Crusher Machine

Clay, whether in the form of marl, which is substantially wet, or of shale which is relatively dry, is generally quarried or otherwise extracted in lumps of very varied size, and hither to a crusher machine has been employed to break the largest lumps down to a manageable size, and a further machine, such as a wet pan mill, has been required to reduce the particle size down to something of the order of 9 mm so as to prepare it for subsequent process such as brick-making.


Clay mineral is the main mineral composition of clay rock and soil. They are some of the aluminum, magnesium silicate mineral water -based , fine particles , generally less than 0.01 mm . After addition of water with varying degrees of plasticity. Due to the high economic value of clay minerals , clay minerals mined in recent years has continued to heat up. Clay crusher machine also have a very good development .

Clay mining help of stone crusher equipment, but because of the large clay viscous, high water content, etc. Although a lot of manufacturers production clay crusher machine is very professional, but in the viscous material crushing is easy to cause adhesion, congestion. Crusher of the leading enterprises in our country Shanghai SBM production of clay crusher machine made a new breakthrough in the process of crushing clay.Popular clay crusher machine include jaw crusher, impact crusher,cone crusher,hammer crusher ect. Clay minerals with high economic value, and therefore the choice of clay mineral crushing equipment must also have a very high stress.

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clay crusher machine

Impact crusher is a good choice for clay crusher machine , especially for clay crushing and processing operations, the clay crushing humidity also have a good effect.Clay crusher machine is primarily by impact crushing clay, clay in to the Crusher by high-speed rotating hammer impact and crushing, crushing clay obtained from hammer kinetic energy, from high speed toward the physique flap, screen, meanwhile clay influence every other, happen to be crushing many occasions, the clearance on the clay is less than the bar, from the eduction in clearance, person substantial clay, around the bar once more by the impact in the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the clay being hammer head out from the gap, to obtain the needed particle size solutions.

Clay Crusher Machine Advantages

  • 1. Broken high moisture , high plasticity index of wet clay materials ( loess, clay , soil, sandstone , shale , etc. ) , and the hard or medium hard variety of metal and nonmetal minerals. Expected out of their machines , crushing chamber and the surrounding casing are not binding , may smooth discharge .
  • 2. The machine on sandy soil and clay soil water content is higher, have a good ability to adapt.
  • 3. As fed into large blocks of various wet sticky, frozen material nor arch material .
  • 4. Compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance,reliable work, low maintenance costs, milling cutter can change quickly, maintenance is convenient.
  • 5. With strength to break the arch feed device, equipped with large throughput belt machine, guarantee continuous operation machine.
  • 6. Equipped with high-power motors, equipped with inertia wheel, have bigger power reserve, can effectively prevent overload parking, prevent the material card attaint parts,such as the feed into the various material mixed with halo hard blocks are not card stock .
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