Natural sand is formed under natural conditions , from nature , and its sources, including coastal sand, lake sand, river sand, sand and sand hill so . In the conduct irrigation, roads , bridges, buildings and other construction will require a lot of sand, but with the rapid development of the construction of natural sand can not meet the needs of the construction , in this case , artificial sand became important source of sand and gravel .

Artificial Sand Making Process
artificial sand also called mechanism sand which is through the rocks and river gravel sand processing equipment becomes suitable for building sand . In fact , artificial sand production is also not simple, need to go through rough broken jaw crusher , sand making progress again after a crushing, coarse crushed sand washing machine after washing , get the sand used for construction is consistent with . The rise of artificial sand to make up the shortfall of natural sand , use jaw crusher and other sand making machinery for sand making has become an important way to gravel supply.

In the processing of the stone , and the stone due to fierce collision itself has a certain amount of soil containing so make artificial sand which contains a certain amount of powder and clay powder. The presence of mud powder sand will seriously affect the gradation . The presence of powder but can make up for the gap caused by the artificial sand in concrete big , big water demand , poor mobility characteristics . In order to solve the amount of powder containing artificial sand this problem , sand washing machine appeared .

Sand washing machine is an artificial sand ( including natural sand ) of washing equipment . Sand washing machine is widely used in gravel pits, mining, building materials , transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower , concrete mixing stations and other industries in the washing of the material. It can remove impurities covered gravel surface , while destruction of vapor -coated sand layer , in order to facilitate dewatering , play efficient sand washing cleaning action . I produced XSD series sand washing machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment, washing powder isolated gravel in the soil , its novel seal structure, reliable transmission device, make sure the cleaning effect is in line with the system an efficient use of sand sand washing equipment .

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