Portable Crusher Plant

Product Features: Flexible, able to put into production quickly, eco-friendly

  • Input Size: 0-930mm (for coarse crushing)
  • Capacity: 0-650TPH (for coarse crushing)
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore

Portable crusher plant is a new rock crushing equipment, which is the basis of SBM many years of crushing equipment manufacturing experience, using the most advanced manufacturing processes and crushing technology developed a new type of crushing equipment. It greatly expands the integration of the whole installation in the form of a combination of crushing venue for customers to eliminate the environmental complex infrastructure installation, and its high efficiency, low operating investments, more convenient operation.

Mobile jaw crusher can be completed multistage bulk material crushing operations, and in accordance with certain technical requirements for the material to achieve the final sorting, providing customers with the ultimate particle size and yield required. Mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities often need to move the material processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects and other operations stone mobility, users can process raw materials according to the type, size and material requirements of the finished product using a variety of different configurations.

  • integrated set of units designed to eliminate the need to install crushing site infrastructure, reducing material handling costs; the use of advanced manufacturing technology and technical design of high performance crushing pe series jaw crusher is more suitable for crushing hard materials and processing of construction waste;

  • adaptable, according to the actual requirements of materials and finished flexible configuration process equipment specifications, models, and composition; the role of direct and effective, bulk materials can complete primary, secondary and final crushing operations, and to achieve the material sorting operation;

  • using the most optimal configuration, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption; high mobile ability, mobile flexible and convenien.


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