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a new type vertical roller mill

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill is made as the foundation of LM vertical mill , which is SBM introduce the Germany ultrafine roll mill grinding technology, developed a new type superfine grinding equipment . It applies to all kinds of nonmetal mineral grinding and classification, power plant desulfurization with limestone powder grinding, steel slag powder and deep processing of coal injection in blast furnace and other large project preparation.

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, roller grinding device, disk device, compression body device, separator, and gas station etc.. Idea of reality and it is turned out that complete the ultrafine powder grinding, grading and conveying operation, the process parameters, mechanical properties and refined flour quality.

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill working principle

The main motor drives the disc to rotate by the reducer, at the same time the wind into the air from entering the ultrafine LUM vertical mill, material by screw feeder outlet falls in the center of the grinding disk, under the action of centrifugal force, the material from the disc center to the edge of the area, and after grinding roller grinding plate, grinding roller compacted, bulk the material directly crushed, fine materials by extrusion of material bed is formed after the inter particle crushing. vertical roller mill working principle

Crushed material continues to move to the edge of the grinding disc, strong air flow until the wind ring away, while the particles larger again fall to the disc to crushing, air materials through the upper part of the separator, the rotor blade under the effect of coarse particles, returned to the grinding wheel grinding, fine powder qualified with the air flow out of the ground, be powder collector system collection, powder was collected to obtain superfine vertical roller mill of a product. Mixed material of impurities such as iron to the disc edge with the movement of materials, due to its own weight and can not be blown up by the wind, falling to the ball mill grinding chamber is mounted on bottom of the scraper scraping slag discharge port discharge machine.

vertical roller mill Main features

  • 1. the production of environmental conditions.

    Vertical mill grinding process is carried out in the confined space. The difference with Raymond machine is the biggest traditional vacuum cleaner production is not positive pressure air supply production, thus effectively eliminate caused in the process of grinding dust.

  • 2. reliable and efficient production performance.

    Vertical roller mill at present in domestic is mainly used for processing of coal, calcium carbonate and other minerals, mature production technology. In the production process, the failure rate is low, equipment intact rate can reach more than 98%, and high production efficiency.

  • vertical roller mill features
  • 3. the labor cost is low.

    It has high production efficiency, high degree of automation, required less operators; and high reliability, good stability, general repair quantity is very few, do not need a lot of workers carry on maintenance, thus relatively cheap labor costs.

  • 4. material consumption, low energy consumption.

    Vertical roller mill has high reliability, good stability, directly reduces the maintenance, repair, and thus directly reduces the cost of repair material expenditure. The normal production situation, vertical mill repair material cost is the most direct roll grinding, grinding and so easy to wear replacement and repair parts. But the roller wear to a certain extent, also can be turned to repeated use, to extend the using period of roll sleeve.

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