ball mill

Ball mill is a widely used industry on Portland. Strong aircraft adaptable for most solid materials can be finely ground; Simple structure, easy to operate, can accurately control the fineness of the material, and easy maintenance repair picking.


Generally speaking, the direct way to improve mill output has three kinds: 1. Prior to setting mill crushing machine; 2. Improved ball mill grinding system to improve grinding efficiency; 3. Plus home efficient classifier.

Quality of steel balls determines the ball mill life

Steel balls is the lifeblood of the ball mill, steel balls is an essential accessory. steel balls is generally divided into two types: casting and forging, they are not the same degree of wear.

ball mill work process

Minted ball mill steel balls is steel, iron and other electric furnace heated up charge use to make the charge sufficiently melted, add the amount of precious metal alloys to charge the melting furnace in the process of chemical ingredients quenched until the hot metal temperature above 1550 and meet the technical requirements after passing the molten iron is poured into molds or ball production line ball mold. Which is manufactured by casting melting approach is called casting ball out of the ball.

Forged ball mill steel balls is heated to high temperatures by direct approach to manufacturing forged and then take out the ball, it does not require melting and casting, forging so called just after forging steel balls. Forged steel ball chromium content between 0.1% to 0.5%, the carbon content of 1.0% or less.

Ball Mill installation instructions

  • 1. hollow axle and each must be checked prior to installation site.
  • 2. the measured dimensions and basic chart size if the cylinder and the hollow shaft assembled discrepancies shall be measured size. Mounting distance tolerance of not more than 1.5mm.
  • 3. the two should coincide with the longitudinal centerline of the main bearings, misalignment tolerance is 0.5mm, should be parallel to the transverse axis is not parallel to the degree of tolerance is 0.5mm.
  • 4. the main bearing plate flatness tolerance of 0.1mm, the two bottom elevation tolerance of 0.5mm, the required discharge end below the feed end of each meter.
  • 5. the gear shaft should be parallel with the cylinder axis, non-parallelism tolerance per meter is 0.5mm.

ball mill

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