hammer crusher

hammer crusher introduction

Our country's hammer crusher in the 1970s before the slow development of the past 30 years have made great strides, and the formation of a common type of secondary and tertiary crushing series, coal use and tertiary crushing series, there are more than 10 kinds of specifications. Not reversible hammer crusher is generally used in crushing, reversible hammer crusher is generally used for crushing. In addition, the particle size is 1100mm crushed limestone and other materials to a period of less than 20mm hammer crusher. Over the last decade, mainly for the coal crusher ring hammer crusher has also been developed, which is a new structure is more advanced crusher.

Hammer crusher by high-speed rotation of the hammer and crushed material impact surface material, it has a simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, can be used for dry and wet two forms crushing for mining, cement, coal, metallurgy , building materials, roads, fuel and other departments of medium hardness and brittleness of the material for crushing. The device can be adjusted according to user requirements grate of the gap, changing the particle size to meet the different needs of different users.

Hammer crusher in the crushing shale crusher design because there is no mesh sieve bottom, so the crushing humidity of materials, there were no requirements, even if the material is moisture longer large enough, it can be crushed completely absent Paste blocking sieve, powder can not be discharged does not exist, repeat crushed, so the high grinding efficiency, hammer invalid wear phenomenon does not exist.

Hammer crusher advantages

  • 1, simple structure, compact size, small weight, small power consumption per unit of product, reducing the few craft, no two broken, can reduce the cost of about 35%;
  • 2, higher productivity, crushing ratio, uniform particle size is small and the product, a cube-type, less excessive fragmentation phenomenon, in full compliance with the requirements of building materials;
  • 3, can be broken wet material, reducing environmental pollution;
  • 4, select wear parts are domestic advanced technology, high chrome hammer meets, wear and impact resistance.

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Hammer Crusher Technical Data

Model Rotor Diameter (mm) Roter Length (mm) Hammer Quantity Max Feeding (mm) Discharging (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model REV (r/min) Machine Size (mm)
PC300×400 400 300 16 <100 <15 3-8 11   1100 855×795×862
PC400×600 600 400 20 <150 <15 8-15 18.5   1000 1155×1100×1255
PC600×800 800 600 28 <220 <20 15-30 45   900 2360×1500×1580

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