Construction Waste Crusher

  • Crusher: Impact Crusher
  • Feed Size: 125-1020mm
  • Output: 5-800T/h
  • Material: suitable for all kinds of soft, medium and hard ore in the middle of broken, fine operation.
  • Application: Construction, Mining, chemical and ceramic industries, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects and other fields.

With the development of construction industry, there are lots of old buildings being demolished. It will produce a large number of waste construction. From China, there is a manufacturer who has produced the advanced construction waste crushing plant.

Construction Waste Recycling Application

The tall building is made of construction, stones and other materials. When it is demolished, there will be lots of waste construction left. How to make use of these materials will help reduce the environment harm and save the building materials.

The recycling waste construction can be reused in the construction industry, building roads and the other industries.

high performance Construction waste crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher will crush glass, construction, granite, bricks, asphalt and marble etc. Depending on over 20 years' production experience, our impact crusher is mainly designed for this recycling industry. It can offer the advanced features to deliver a dependable, high performance impact crushing machine.

Why is the impact crusher suitable for construction waste crusher? The special design and its working performance will give you the satisfied answer. Its main working parts include the sculptured rotor and the roller bearings. The solid type sculptured rotor combines high inertia for performance crushing and the durability to handle up to 40 inch feed. The roller bearings are larger than industry standards, extending service life beyond normal.

Construction Portable Impact Crushing Plant from China

Portable impact crusher plant is versatile and can be mounted on portable plants or into fixed locations. For the construction waste site is different, we specially design the portable impact crushing plant for the clients' requirements. This portable impact crushing plant from China has easy handheld controls and it is convenient and safe to operate. This construction waste crusher manual and automatic modes allow various levels of control and protection, which can ensure the working stage, is safe.

Performance characteristics of Construction waste crusher

  • 1. Large block, less stone powder

    The feeding port is big, the crushing cavity is high, and the utility model has the advantages of high material hardness, large block and little powder.

  • 2. The utility model has the advantages of small wear and high comprehensive efficiency

    The utility model has the advantages of complete crushing function, high productivity, small mechanical wear and high comprehensive efficiency.

  • Construction Waste Crusher
  • 3.Economic reliability

    Keyless connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable, high chrome hammer, impact resistance, grinding, impact force.

  • 4. Long service life of parts

    The utility model has the advantages of small crushing power consumption, adjustable hammer shaft installation and long life of the hammer head.

Construction Waste Crusher Technical Data

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