Spiral classifierSpiral classifier is one of many in a hydraulic grading equipment, spiral classifier produced by SBM is an important grading equipment, different equipment by means of which the proportion of solid particles in the liquid sedimentation velocity different principles, mechanical grading a device. The machine has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate. At present, has been widely used in mining wet grinding closed loop, with ball joint into circulation process to grade minerals. Also used in washing, de-mud job.

Spiral classifier features

  • 1. low energy consumption: the same amount of processing power consumption than other horizontal, vertical classifier 50% decrease.
  • 2. negative production, no dust pollution, environmental quality.
  • 3. high degree of automation, high stability, easy operation.
  • 4. high-precision: grade fineness, the complete elimination of the product is too large particles and sieve residue.
  • 5. high yield: mainframe output of up to 50t / h.

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