HydrocycloneHydrocyclones are used for separating coarse particles sediment removal of water and other substances of heavier equipment. Sometimes used for slurry dehydration. The product is resistant rubber and special production process to ensure that the density of rubber and rubber to metal bonding strength, thus making the product in the course of showing high wear resistance, impact resistance, high elasticity, corrosion resistance, service life long, sorting good results and so on. A hydrocyclone classification of the slurry by centrifugal force, and it is a hydraulic classifier device is an efficient hydrocyclone mineral classification of fine particles, removing the mud, concentration equipment, are widely used in black golden, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic mine tailings areas made, the classification is mine, tailings dams, purification, oilfield mud purification ideal product.

Hydrocyclone compared with other classification equipment has the following advantages

  • 1. the structure is simple, light and flexible, with no moving parts, high unit volume processing capabilities;
  • 2. graded fine granularity. Mainly due to the use of a centrifugal force cyclone classification, many times gravity than the centrifugal force, thus, reducing the lower limit of particle size classification of up to 5m. Now use more fine-grained classification hydrocyclone.
  • 3. the higher classification efficiency, especially in very fine particle size classification (eg 0.037mm), the classification efficiency significantly higher than other grading equipment.
  • 4. low equipment cost, easy assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, small footprint, low capital costs, the same processing power, hydrocyclone area of approximately spiral classifier l/30 ~ l/50.
  • 5. the amount of pulp in the cyclone and the residence time is less, easy to handle when it stop.

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