High-frequency screenHigh-frequency screen producted by SBM is an effective device for screening of fine materials, with different principles of common screening equipment, high frequency screen with a high frequency, destroyed the surface tension of the pulp to make fine-grained material in the screen surface high-speed oscillation, accelerated density segregations of useful minerals, increasing the probability of a particle size smaller than the separation of materials in contact with the sieve. Resulting in a better separation conditions, separation of a particle size smaller than that of the material, especially the material composition than the particles and pulp together into the product through the mesh sieve.

High frequency screen by the exciter, pulp distributor, screen frame, chassis, suspension springs and screens and other components, with high efficiency, small amplitude and high frequency of screening, at present, has been widely used in mineral processing, coal , chemical, brick, food, pharmaceutical, alkali, fertilizer, paper and other industries.

High frequency screen features

  • 1. screen machine with a new design principle is efficient vibration sieve screening machine a new structure.
  • 2. easy installation angle adjustable screen machine for wet screening plant installation inclination typically 25 ?? 2.
  • 3. high vibration times, low amplitude, can effectively reduce the surface tension of the slurry is conducive to small, heavy material from stratified analysis accelerated fine, heavy materials through the sieve.
  • 4. multi-channel to the mine, high utilization of the screen surface, high processing capability, low power consumption.
  • 5. the vibration transmission link using high quality flexible elastic material, reliable long-term operation; screening machine for the energy-saving products. Single exciter power only 0.15kW, 2420 beneficiation common electromagnetic frequency screen, the whole power consumption of less than 1.2kW / units.

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