Flotation machineFlotation machine is the machinery and equipment to complete the flotation process. In the flotation machine, pharmaceutical treatment by adding after the pulp by stirring inflated, so that some of the mineral particles selectively fixed on top of the bubble; float to the surface is scraped pulp formation of foam products, and the rest is retained in the pulp in order to achieve the purpose of separation of the mineral.

Flotation machine produced by SBM has the advantage of Inspiratory capacity, low power consumption. Each slot both suction, suction slurry and flotation triple features, since as flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, the level of configuration, ease of process changes. Reasonable pulp cycle, to minimize sand sedimentation.

Flotation machine should according to what factors for selection?

  • 1. should be the foundation of the nature of the ore, the ore is easier to choose, not the amount required under inflated case, the choice of mechanical agitation, on the contrary consider inflatable agitated;
  • 2. depending on the size of the plant, in general, should be used in large-scale concentrator flotation machine large size, small selection of small and medium sized flotation machine;
  • 3. the selection of the job is mainly to improve the taste of the concentrate, flotation foam layer should be thin, with meridians stone isolated and difficult to employ large inflatable flotation machine;
  • 4. must pay attention to manufacturing quality and spare parts supply flotation machines.

What needs to be done before flotation machine maintenance ?

  • 1. flotation machine in operation due to the machine itself sometimes shock and vibration, resulting in the stator plate or screw off, affecting the normal operation of the flotation machine. Therefore, when maintenance and installation, be sure to keep the body stable before turning attention to check.
  • 2. the bottom shield protective effect on the bottom, sometimes due to the strong mixing impeller accelerates the inner loop of pulp, pry the guard suddenly increased motor load can cause serious accidents. So, at boot time, pay attention to adjust the gate, keeping a stable slurry surface, so that the normal operation of the flotation machine.
  • 3. the impeller flotation machine operation due to the long wear and corrosion, the increased gap between the impeller and the cover plate to reduce the intake air amount. Its approach is regular maintenance or replacement, abnormal conditions occur during the production operation, such as a foam layer partially inverted flower, when the foam layer instability, to be checked adjusted to the size of the gap within the allowable range.

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