Flotation Machine For Sale

Flotation machineFlotation machine is the machinery and equipment to complete the flotation process. In the flotation machine, pharmaceutical treatment by adding after the pulp by stirring inflated, so that some of the mineral particles selectively fixed on top of the bubble; float to the surface is scraped pulp formation of foam products, and the rest is retained in the pulp in order to achieve the purpose of separation of the mineral.

Flotation machine produced by SBM has the advantage of Inspiratory capacity, low power consumption. Each slot both suction, suction slurry and flotation triple features, since as flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, the level of configuration, ease of process changes. Reasonable pulp cycle, to minimize sand sedimentation.

Flotation machine should according to what factors for selection?

What needs to be done before flotation machine maintenance ?


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