Slag Magnetic Separator in India

Slag Recycling Plant

Metallurgical processes produce a large amount of slag. The slag can be classified according to its origin and characteristics into three-group namely ferrous slag, incineration slag and non-ferrous slag. In iron and steel industry large amount of solid wastes are produced during iron making, steel making and rolling operation.

These solid wastes are furnace slag, dusts, and various types of sludge, fines, fly ash, and mill scale. Iron wastes materials can be processed by slag recycling plant and be resources for used in industry if properly characterized and beneficiated to acceptable grade and recovery. This will help in reducing the cost of waste disposal and protect the environment from pollution.

Slag Magnetic Separation

Primary crushing of slag lumps was performed in the jaw crusher, 300*250 mm, and the product with 95 % of 10 mm. Secondary crushing was performed by roller crusher with roller dimensions 300 x 250 mm. The crushing of slag was in closed circuit and the position of roller was varied to give two products one product 100 % passing 0.6 mm sieve and the second product 100 % passing 3-mm.

Magnetic separation of ground slag was performed by the cross belt slag magnetic separator. The magnetic separator has two zones, one permanent magnet with low intensity, and the other strong electric magnet with high intensity. The permanent magnet attracts the material with high magnetic properties and the other magnet attracts the material with low magnetic properties.

Slag Magnetic Separator in India

There are several different types of machines involved in slag magnetic separation process. We provides slag magnetic separator in India including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, vertical roller mill, classifier, screening machine, separation machine, processing plant etc. We also customize recycling and crushing solution according to specific requirements. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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