Second Hand Belt Conveyor

Second Hand Belt Conveyor

The movement of materials along a horizontal to shallow plane is just what belt conveyor was designed for. These heavy-duty conveyor belts come in widths of 16, 20, and 24 inches to accommodate your material throughput requirements.

When dirt, glass, sand, and other materials need to get into, the conveyor belts get the job done. Be sure to check out the optional accessories for these material handling conveyors to customize them for your particular needs. Options are available for all of our conveyor lines. We could provide the new and second hand conveyor belt for sale.

The belt conveyor manufactured by our company has the advantages of big conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient repair and standard parts, so it is widely used in the industries of mine, metallurgy and coal to convey loose materials and finished products. According to different technique requirements, the machine can convey material singly or be formed conveying system with other conveying equipments to meet different requirements of working line.

In most cases, the long distances can be achieved with a single drive. However, the introduction of multiple drive technology (intermediate drive) without the need to transfer the material on the top or bottom belts, has enhanced the ability to cover even longer single flight distances than ever thought possible. Intermediate drives are spaced at calculated intervals within the conveyor to accommodate load sharing and operating conditions. By using the unique ability to separate the drive and carrying mediums, there is no interruption in the flow of material on the top or bottom belts.

The comprehensive system design that is required on all major conveyor installations is available within our own organization. This ensures that total responsibility remains with the OEM supplier and is not subcontracted out to a third party. Our worldwide service network ensures quick and reliable assistance on site and thus sustained operational capability of the systems.

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