Common Faults And Solutions Of Sand Washing Machine

The Sand washing machine can't start

Failure cause: 1. voltage is insufficient; 2. belt slip; 3. reducer failure; 4. motor damage.

Solutions: 1. change the voltage supply; 2. tighten the strap; 3. overhaul the reducer; 4. replace the motor.

A lot of noise

Failure cause: 1. bearing damage; 2. reducer failure; 3. wheel bucket body rubbing shell.

Solutions: 1. replace bearings; 2. overhaul reducer; 3. overhaul and adjust wheel body.

Blockage of discharge mouth

Failure cause: This is the most easy problem in the operation of the washing machine. Most of the reason is that the sand and stone particles in the pulp of the washing machine are too fine and the single feed amount is suddenly increased, which leads to the siltation of the material.

Solutions: Should stop feeding, open all the discharge ports, avoid silting, and clean the sand washing machine with water before we can carry out the operation.

damage of gear

Failure cause: The shaft of the sand washing machine and the low speed shaft of the reducer did not reach the required parallelism.

Solutions: The adjustment makes it meet the requirements.

Sand leakage

Failure cause: 1. sand net damage; 2. sand net fixed bolt fall off.

Solutions: 1. check and repair or replace sand net; 2. fastening bolts.

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