Robo Sand Processing Plant

Robo Sand Processing Plant

Since natural sand resources are limited in modern time. Manufactured sand is urgently required for construction industry. SBM provides complete crushing and separation solutions for greenfield sites or solutions that can be incorporated into existing plants to achieve well-graded, quality manufactured sand.

Cone crushing technology gives the producers high energy efficiency and capacity, good product gradation, a high reduction ratio and low sensitivity to rock hardness. Vertical shaft impact crushing technology has the advantage of being able to process fine, unscalped, heterogeneous and irregular feeds. The sand produced from rock-on-rock crushing is proven to have sound performance in concrete and mortar products.

As the global supplier of crushing plant, we developed complete range of robo sand processing plant including crushing plant, grinding mill, screening machine, separation machine, washing plant etc. We help you design sand processing solution and calculate robo sand processing plant project cost. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Robo Sand Processing Project Cost

SBM is specializing in provide high performance sand making machine and sand crusher. Experience has proven that the key to profits in the sand making, aggregate production and minerals processing industries lie in the ability to produce consistent products of high quality. SBM sand making machine is equipped with automation system, crushing load is monitored and regulated, minimizing the risk of low quality product. It also achieves greater crushing efficiency and, ultimately, improved product quality and cost-efficiency.

Robo Sand Making Machine

SBM provides high performance sand crushing solution, which produce high quality substitute to river sand. SBM robo sand crushing machine is working on world-class rock-on-rock crushing technique.

The robo sand is crushed by a three stage configuration consisting of a jaw crusher, followed by a cone crusehr and finally a vertical shaft impact crusher to obtain sand that is consistent in its cubical particle shapes and gradation.

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