Different feed size

Jaw crusher requires strict feed particle size, and the size of the raw material must be within the specified range. In addition, after crushing and crushing Hubei, most of them are flat, sharp or triangular needle-shaped particles, the content of which exceeds 20%, and the product has a bad shape.

The size of the feed crusher of the rotary crusher is larger, while the size of the discharge is smaller and more uniform, and the content of needle-like particles in the discharge is less, generally less than 10%. Raw materials can be poured directly into the feeding port from the conveyance without the need to set up a feeder.jaw-grotary.jpg

Different wear parts life

Jaw crusher mainly uses the crushing action of the movable jaw plate and the static jaw plate to complete the crushing. The direct contact surface between the jaw plate and the material is large, the wear is fast, and the maintenance is large.

The grotary crusher crusher adopts the principle of lamination between materials. The crushing process is continuously performed along the circular crushing cavity, which has a longer service life than the wear-resistant parts of the jaw crusher.

Different maintenance intervals and costs

The daily operation and maintenance of jaw crusher is simpler than that of rotary crusher.

Gyratory crusher equipment is expensive, but its operating cost is low and maintenance intervals are long;

Applicable materials and occasions are different

Jaw crusher can handle ore with high moisture and viscosity, and it is not easy to block. Generally, small ore dressing plants and quarries use jaw crushing as coarse crushing.

Rotary crusher crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing of various hardness materials, but it is not suitable for crushing viscous ore. Generally, large crushing plants use rotary crusher crusher.

Different degrees of environmental protection

The structure of the jaw crusher is not closed, and the dust emission at the crushing site is large, resulting in unsatisfactory operating conditions and serious environmental pollution.

Gyratory crusher has high sealing performance, less dust overflow during work and higher environmental protection.

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