At present, the whole process of stone crushing plant includes three main stages: coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening. And there are many kinds of crushers that can be selected in the crushing stage. What kind of equipment to choose is more suitable? Let's look at comparison between jaw crusher and cone crusher.


1. The feeding particle size of jaw crusher is less than 200mm, its processing capacity is 151,500 t/h, and its compressive strength is 320Mpa. 

The feeding particle size of the cone crusher is 65-300mm, its production capacity is 121,000 t/h, and its compressive strength is 30OMpa. 

It can be seen from the comparison that the jaw crusher can meet the material feeding of various particle sizes, while the feeding particle size of the cone crusher has specific restrictions. Compared with two machines, the production capacity of cone crusher is more than twice that of jaw crusher. Their compressive strength is basically the same.

2. The weight of the cone crusher is 1.7-2 times that of the jaw crusher of the same size, and the fuselage is 2-3 times higher than that of the other crusher, so the construction cost of the factory is larger.

3. The cone crusher can be directly fed in without additional silo or feeder. However, the jaw crusher cannot be crowded with the ore, Therefore, it is necessary to set up additional storehouse and feeder, which increases the investment cost of auxiliary equipment.

4. The price of cone crusher is much higher than that of jaw crusher.

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