Jaw Crusher Frame and Structural Form

Jaw Crusher Frame Part

The jaw crusher frame parts include side plate, a former box components, and cases of weldment and so on. At present, the frame is mainly adopts two design methods: the integrally cast frame and fission assembly frame.

Jaw crusher machines have box-structure. It will have differences for different machine size and types. In general, the smaller jaw crusher machine adopts the transverse groove structure. The larger jaw crusher machine adopts the box structure. The transverse groove structure and box structure are manufactured with the welding technology. Its function is to fix and intensify the machine wall. However, the large scale and medium scale jaw crusher machine box structure cannot see for there is a reinforcement plate outside the structure.

Structural Form Comparison of Jaw Crusher Machines

It is mainly the comparison between the integrally cast frame and fission assembly frame. Because the cast technology limits of integrally cast frame, it will form a lot of tiny pores in the casting process and this will reduce the frame integral performance.

The two sides of fission assembly frame are made with excellent steel rolling. The steel rolling has very good strength of extension and the frame sides do not need thickness. At the same time, the frame two sides will bear pressure stress and it also needs cast frame on the two sides of the machine. The cast steel high compressive strength is high and this combination will make the fission assembly frame jaw crusher machine more light, durability and seed.

Besides this, we will introduce the driving belt. Driving belt will take the motor motion to the machine through rubber belt. The ordinary rubber material triangle belt is composed with cloth layer, stretching layer, layer and compression layer and so on.

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