Plate Hammer Introduction

There are two kinds of plate hammers installed in different type impact crusher machines: linear board hammer and crescent board hammer.

The crescent board hammer is better than linear board hammer. It can guarantee the materials are vertical impacted and it has large impact strength and high crushing ratio. The impact side is larger than linear board hammer and it more durability.

Impact Crusher Plate Hammer

Plate Hammer Material

The plate hammer is made of high-chromium iron. This is a kind of great performance and is special valuable wear resistance material. It has good wear resistance characteristics than alloy. It has higher toughness and strength than white iron. At the same time, it also has good performance resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The plate hammer wear degree and service life has directly relationships with plate hammer material, mineral ore hardness, plate hammer liner speed (the rotor circumference speed), plate hammer structure type and so on. Of them, the plate hammer material is the main reason deciding the machine wear degree.

Fixed Mode and Characteristics of Different Plate Hammer

There are three kinds of fixed modes of plate hammer: fix with screw, fix with press plate and fix with wedge. The screw is on the surface and it is easy to be worn. The screw will bear large shear force and when it is broken, it will cause serious accident.

The fix with pressure refers to: plate hammer will be added into the rotor groove from the side. The two sides adopt the press to tighten. But this fix method will make the plate hammer is not enough fastness. In the working process, plate hammer is easy to loose. It will need welding and the plate hammer is easy to be worn and is not easy to change.

Fix with wedge: with this method, it can fix the plate hammer on the rotor. In the working process, under the function of centrifugal force, this fixed method can guarantee the rotating speed. If the plate hammer is tighten, it will be more reliable to work and it is easy to change. This is the best method of fixed at present.

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