Gold Ore Separator Equipment

Gold Ore separator equipment

The mining industry has grown and developed over the years and has adapted itself to changing economic conditions. One of the changes has been the transition from cell-to-cell type to open flow type flotation machines. The high aerating open flow type gold flotation machine was developed specifically to meet modern requirements as the gold separator equipment.

The gold ore separator equipment, is the first mechanical open type machine to incorporate a vertical circulation of pulp, made possible by combining a "recirculation well" with the distinctive top feed impeller. This arrangement provides positive vertical circulation of pulp similar to the action in a propeller agitator. gold separator equipment flotation machine is the latest design to use the circular tank concept and combines the benefits of circular cells with the unique features of the mechanism to create the ideal conditions to maximise flotation performance for all roughing, cleaning and scavenging duties.

separator equipment Main benefits

  • Mechanism designed to minimize local high velocity zones within the impeller and diffuser to extend wear life;
  • Impeller profile is designed to minimize absorbed power;
  • The mechanism is fully suspended from the cell superstructure and can be removed as a complete unit for routine maintenance;
  • Wear parts can also be replaced within the flotation machine without removal of the mechanism.

Unique features of gold mining machine

  • Maximum particle-bubble contacts within the mechanism and the flotation tank;
  • Effective solids suspension during operation and resuspension after shutdown;
  • Effective air dispersion and distribution throughout the complete cell volume;
  • Flotation air is provided by a separate air blower;
  • Aeration rate is manually or automatically controlled at each mechanism.
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